How to use two WhatsApp accounts with GBWhatsApp

Since the time WhatsApp brought the delete for everyone feature, various people have eradicated messages they sent, and WhatsApp isn’t helping by leaving the message deleted label.To keep your colleagues from eradicating messages you have recently gotten, you would turn on the counter deny incorporate. Whether or not the messages eradicate from your partner’s phone, it would regardless be perceptible to you FM WhatsApp APK

On the Visits Tab, tap Three spot menu > Security > Enable Against Repudiate.

Do whatever it takes not to have to neglect to recall that friend’s birthday? Need to impart something explicit by 1 AM? Need to check a partner or something? GB WhatsApp plan feature licenses you to set a chance to send a custom message to a contact.

To this, tap the three bit menu, tap Message Scheduler, tap the notwithstanding attach at the base right, select the contact and keep on composing the message and set the time and tap Plan

For this choice to work, the message it would reply to ought to be equal to the goal word, that is they ought to be equivalent. This is significant if you need to auto answer “Unquestionably that is Uncommonly entertaining” to each “haha” you get.

If it target word is haha, and you get haha, it would reply with the auto message. Something other than that would not trigger an answer. To do this, start from stage 6 in auto answer a message in the auto answer page pick Counterparts decision sort in the target word continue from stage 7 aboveUnder the Decision 1.2 Visit page. you can change Conversation style section, the substance tone, bubble tone, twofold ticks tone from blue to anything you need, Visit bubble style (elective 1.2.3), Hyperlink tone, know whether a contact changes his/her status by methods for Status Toast (1.2.32), Hide general status (decision 1.2.39),

Change emoji size, take out “read more” from long messages, show Manager engraving to recognize directors in a get-together, etcetera. There are 69 decisions here you can peruse to adjust the visit screen and you will find them interesting.GB WhatsApp grants you to acknowledge who saw your status, went ahead the web or even changed their profile picture by indicating a toast or playing a tone or both. I find this decision helpful especially when I am believing that a buddy will come on the web while chatting with someone else. Cool right?

To turn on this component go to GB Settings > Rule/Visits Screen > Contacts Online Toast (Decision 2.5), Here you tick Show Contact Online Status, Contact Profile Pic Change Toast and View Story Toast. You can similarly set it to play a tone by picking Play tone as well.

GB WhatsApp grants you to change all the record size limits that normal WhatsApp constrained on us, like the 30 seconds video status length. You can send a 50 MB video, 100 MB tune and move a 7 second WhatsApp video status report. Head over to GB Settings > Media Sharing (elective 5). Here you can change all you require.


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